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Disability Support



“Encouraging individual Physical Fitness, Health and Wellbeing”

Salvation Community Welfare implementing and running sports, recreation, leisure and fitness activities in conjunction with Monash University Caulfield campus. Which provides opportunities for people of all ages especially young people with disabilities for personal development, learning new life skills and accepting and overcoming challenges by participating in and enjoy physical and creative activities. 

Our support program services are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients all people with a disability, and their families to maximize their personal choices in the community at home and independence in building and fulfilling better quality of lives.

We have programs for children, teenagers and adults that are specially designed and operate in a supportive environment to cater for people of varying abilities. Activities are tailored towards the needs of all participants where you learn the skills associated with each activity in a fun and supportive environment. Making a positive impact on an individual’s physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health and the interactions and relationships they develop within their community and environment.

We have highly qualified, motivated, experienced and trained staff especially for clients with issues such as mobility, and other requirements. Through our unique blend of facilities, programs and expertise we encourage participants to enjoy the health and well-being benefits of social interaction and ongoing participation in sport, recreation and physical activity.

Sessions are held at Monash Sport Caulfield campus, Monash University

for more information please contact Tony Fernando on 0421134992 or [email protected]

Recreation programs include not only competitive athletic programs for the disabled, but also leisure programs for persons with all disabilities.

Recreation programs are extremely important to help people make the most worthwhile and enjoyable use of their leisure time. These are many of the major values of recreation and leisure programs:

  •  Encouraging individual Health and Wellbeing
  •  Promote fun and enjoyment
  •  Supporting stronger community cohesion
  •  Provide personal challenge
  •  Promoting physical fitness and health
  •  Developing the spirit of teamwork and fair play
  •  Building feelings of accomplishment, self-fulfillment and self-expression
  •  Offering worthwhile uses of leisure time that provide long-term satisfaction
  •  Developing useful and new skills, mental abilities and creativity
  •  Encourage continued participation in physical recreation
  •  Providing enjoyable social experiences
  •  Promoting wholesome activities for youth
  •  Providing oversight for children of working parents during the summer and after school
  •  Allowing opportunities for people to learn to relate to different types of people and
  •  Encouraging the best possible use of available recreation facilities.

Weekly Recreation Programs 

Our aim is for individuals with a disability to explore the world, enjoy new experiences and make friends with our weekly disability recreation programs. Our main emphasise will be, promoting physical fitness, by means of daily indoor and outdoor programs in all forms. The Monash University sporting facilities will be the venue for all activities, both in and outdoor. Some of the many programs, we intend implehysical activity that involves water in an indoor or outdoor pool.

Outdoor Education provides practical settings to support and enhance school based educational activities utilising natural environments to achieve learning outcomes.

Outdoor Education is an alternative to school based curriculum learning, providing outcomes which are unique to learning within the outdoor setting. Clients embark on learning journeys through experience, adventure and challenge which encompass physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions.

Growing numbers of disabled are losing contact with the natural environment and missing out on opportunities to experience outdoor play and physical activity. This lack of opportunity can be linked to heightened health problems, such as; childhood obesity, increased stress, behaviour disorders and lower school achievement (Children and Nature Network 2009). Children can also miss out on opportunities to use their initiative and socialise with other children.

The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be facilitated and supported through experiential learning and thus recreation programs, outdoor education and experiential learning become crucial to youth development in these times.

Sport and Recreation Programs

The highest priority for Sport and Recreation program is to support the development of a person with a disability through outdoor experiential education and recreation programs. Programs have been developed to take advantage of unique learning environments, encourage and support students undertaking personal challenge, support positive engagement within the camp community and connection with the natural environment. Program development and delivery is focussed on working with the various communities and Special Development Schools to help them meet the objectives they have identified for their clients and students. All programs include the core components individuals taking personal responsibility working as a team and contributing to common outcomes valuing others and accepting differences appreciating the natural environment. Three broad program themes are available to meet general outcome requirements. Each can be tailored to meet specific individual needs. Program Coordinators liaise with community organisations and school to identify specific issues relevant within the school and community and support current school curriculum to enhance and customise programs.